"Grow Yourself Complete"

Ahhhh… Deep Breath

I come here with new thoughts, blessings, concerns, chemistry and, hopefully, solutions.

I come here not as the me I was or the me I am going to be.   I come here as the me that I am today, in this moment.

I do not know the words I will share, the feelings I will share.   I do not even know how I am feeling in this moment.

I know that I am here.  I know that I feel gratitude.  I know that I feel connected to your energy (the energy that drives us all to breathe) and this is what I am grateful for.

I do not know you, yet I know you.   You are me.   I am you.

We all share the same breath.  We are all born the same way.  We are all wanting to experience this life in a way that we know that we matter, we are important, and there is a reason for us to be.

At least, this is where we start out.  We start out not being able to do anything for ourselves.  We start out connecting to our parents, our caregivers and ‘asking’ for what we want and only feeling what our desires and/or our needs are.

Society then, once we become aware of it, shows us many options of the ‘way to be’.  We see all kinds of things; we witness all kinds of situations; and we feel many different emotions and feelings.

Some of us are told how to do things; how to be; how not to be; how not to do things.  These ‘tales’ are of another human’s knowing.   They are not our ‘inner knowing’.   Some of this may connect to us easily; some we may resist and some we may buy into mostly because many of us are taught that we need to in order to ‘fit in’; to not get in trouble; or to not cause any trouble or pain.

It is my hope that we relearn at whatever age we are now.  What is right for us…  What do we believe in…  What do we know is true…  What do we want to do…  What do we not want to do…

We have the answers – our own answers that are best for us which are inside of us always.  (These are the answers that I am always hoping to help you to connect to.)

Some of us have buried them deeper than others.  Some of us have forgotten.  Some of us have kept them close to the surface.  Some of us have kept them alive regardless of the consequences.

My wish is that you start tapping into your own ‘knowing’ and start living and walking the path that you know just feels so darn whole and good on you.  The path that is so you that it empowers others’ to be so them.

This is the path I am on and am always searching for my next step to continue on my best and most loving path.

May you take your next step that is truest for you and gives you that feeling of mattering; ability to breath easy; importance; and reason.   Take the next step as it defines the totality of you.  Take your next step that makes you feel so good, happy, true and beautiful that you shine so bright it lights up another’s pathway to who they are.

These are the pathways that I wish to be a part of.  This is the path that I wish to walk forward on.   This is the only path that is possible for me now as I’m ready, strong enough, love myself enough and love ‘you’ enough that any other path would be a lie and extremely hurtful for me to walk down.   I have done this much work.   I have wanted this so badly for so long.  I am God’s creation and I honor God by being and allowing all that I am.

May you honor God (your believed Source of life) by being all that you can be and are.  The time is now.  One baby step is acceptable and greatly cheered upon.  Your path is waiting for you to claim it.  May you claim it.  I believe.