"Grow Yourself Complete"

After Christmas

It is the day after the Christmas holiday.  It is a wet and rainy morning.  Dark and grey.  I see ‘pops’ of color out of the window.  It feels nice;  gloomy and nice.  The trees happily dance with the raindrops.  The water from the fountain bubbles up and over to provide a constant movement of play.

The fountain next to me sings happily as the water flows its way through the man-made stone.

The house is quiet.  My dogs lay on the floor.  My cat is already upstairs finding its comfortable space.  My bird sits on its perch and simply hangs out.

I am blessed.  I am truly blessed.  In this moment, right now, my blessings show me abundance.  I am grateful.

The bamboo outside of my window, with it’s tan bark and it’s playful leaves, rise high towards the heavens.  (remember, this is the day after Christmas, ha)

And, I am troubled with doctors, pharmacies and medicine just now.

Life.  It surely flows its own way.  I either flow with it as best I can or I fight it…  Just sometimes, I do not like my options.!.

Between the blessings and the hardship, I am choosing to flow onward to the best of my ability.  I love on because it is who I am.  I speak my truth even when it falls on deaf ears because in speaking my truth, I am walking in fulfillment.  I am being all that I can be and for this moment, I am enough, I am still safe, I am loved and I am challenged.  I am living.  This, is my life today.

May you live on and through as you… as what you choose to connect to and feel best in connecting with.  May you  be love in the chaos and love in the peacefulness of everything that is your life for you to live and walk through.  Live on.  Amen

I believe we fight until we have no fight left in us.  It is easier for me to love than to fight.  I don’t know if this is good or bad or somewhere in between.  I do know this is me today.  I feel as I have fought this fight long and hard.  I don’t know if I am victorious or not…  God knows.  God has me.  All is good in divine love.

I let it be what it is as I bring my true and awesome self with me wherever I am.  This may change things.  This may not.  And, I am me…  as best as I can be me in the now…  it is what I have control over..  to just be.. me.

May you be true and awesome you as best as you can be; in the now…  May you just be.. you.  !