"Grow Yourself Complete"


“Your ability to connect with others will always be your greatest strength.”

This is a fortune that I just got in a fortune cookie that I chew as I type this…  I like this ‘fortune’.  It has always been one of my greatest desires; to feel connected to people, all people; anyone that I come in contact with.

I like people.  I like the way we are the same.   I like the way we are different.  I’m enthralled by the human being.

And, as I type this – what I am writing comes from a place of love and a connection of love.  I’m somewhat frightened by hurtful, heart-wrenched people.  And, yet, I still, yes I do, want to connect to all.   I don’t want to feel their pain or be the target of someone’s abuse.  I want to feel the sorrow and help them to target on their own self-love.

It is always still in us.  We were born with love in our heart.  It is up to us, in so many ways, how much love in our heart we die with.

I want to die with plenty of love in my heart; an overabundance of the stuff.  !  I know I feel this way now.

So, as I come to a close, because this is not what I sat down to talk about,

I wish you an overabundant amount of love; your own love.

May you let the door to your heart open both ways; inward and outward; and, may you be love.