"Grow Yourself Complete"

9/9/2016 9-9-9

Today could be considered a very powerful day of ‘completion(s)’.  9 is known as the number for completion.

Today is 9/9 and with 2016 equaling 9 – it is a triple whammy!

My wish is that you put away, once and for all, anything that hurts you; anything that has been hurting you.

Forgive the situation; forgive the person; forgive yourself.

Let go of the situation that has you so sad; angry; hurt.  Let go of the loss.  When you are ready. 

Perhaps, if it is a loss, be happy that the loss was so great that it brought huge sadness into your life by experiencing it.  It is okay to be sad.  It feels better to be grateful for the awesomeness that it was than to focus on the pain of the loss of it.   How wonderful that you got to experience something so wonderful; someone so fabulous, that the loss of same can hurt so bad.  Focus on the having of it/them.

The wondrous wonder of the greatness that you got to experience in this lifetime can be a great thing.  Let go of the pain that hurts.  After you process it (feel it), let it go.  Embrace how lucky and blessed you were to know; experience; live this particular situation or with this particular person.   Kudos that YOU are the one that got to experience such blessings.

And, even if you never ever get to experience it the same as you did once upon a time, you did get to experience it and how blessed and wonderful it was.  May you focus on the wonderful.  Live with and through the wonderful.

Perhaps, as we live through this ‘wonderful’ and not the ‘loss’, we create, enable and project more kinds of wonderful.  It is what the universe wants for you.  It is what I want for you.

May it be what you want for you.   Let go of the pain of it.  Embrace the wonder of it.

By it, I mean the bond, the experience, the beauty, the love, the joy…  Let this be the part that lives in you going forward.

999     Let go of the awful.  Let in the wondrous.

May you live in the wondrous, the blessings, and the beauty of your life.