"Grow Yourself Complete"

8 Days Til Christmas

With only eight days until Christmas Day, I see and hear the word ‘eight’ and I find myself wanting to talk about food and eating.

I think being aware of what we eat; tasting what we eat; feeling how we feel while we eat it and then after we eat can be very informative, helpful and lead us into the life of eating what best works for ourselves.

Do I feel guilty… then don’t eat it or get rid of the guilt.  The body responds better with digesting when we feel happy and content with what we are eating.

Enjoy what I eat.  Notice the smell and the appearance.  Taste the flavors, the textures.  Take my time chewing and be aware that I am chewing.

Do I feel comfortably full or do I feel stuffed…   What feels better to you…  May you shoot for what brings you the most comfort.

Am I eating a variety of color…  Notice all the colors you can find in your salads, your smoothies (before you mix them) and on your plate.  Let it be as vibrant and colorful as possible.

What do I know about the calories, the ingredients, where it came from, the amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates…

Are they empty calories or are they nutrient dense…

Read labels.  Ask yourself if you want that in your body that you want to create for yourself.

Will I feel better or worse if I eat this certain thing…  If I feel better, go for it and feel better.  If not, perhaps, this one time, don’t eat it.

You are in charge of what you put in your mouth, intestines and belly.  Be your own best friend and start by being aware of what you put in your mouth.

Often, the holidays and celebrations give us permission to splurge and/or overeat and even drink more.   There are calories in libations.  Often empty calories with no nutrients.  ‘They’ are correct when ‘they’ say ‘everything in moderation’.

Again, will I drink because I enjoy it or will I drink to get drunk…  Our choice.

Awareness.  Awareness.  Awareness.

Like location is what it is all about with real estate –  Awareness is what it is all about with good health.

May you let yourself be aware. Turn your aware button on.  Learn what you do not know.  Question how you feel and watch how you think.

Be gentle with yourself.  Gentle strength feels kindest to me.  Use the route that feels kindest to you.

Beating yourself up is not the answer even if it works.  I say this because I don’t think beating ourselves up for the rest of our lives is really something any of us want to do.

If you do it, Stop.   Love yourself to the best answers for you.

We all fail or don’t always do what is best.  It is called being human.  But, if we fail less and less and win more and more, Yay!

May you live in the Yay of your life as often as possible…