"Grow Yourself Complete"


What percentage of yourself are you putting into your work today; your play; your loving ways and your positivity…

If you are tired, you don’t have to always give your all.  You can choose 70% (or another percentage) towards things that are draining you.  You can choose 100% (or another percentage) of things that give you a pick me up.

You can pick and choose which aspect you want to put more effort into.

You can give yourself permission to choose balance.  It is up to you if You let it be so.

May you find a balance in you; your way; your dealings; and your life.  Let yourself be balanced as often as you can and as best as you can.

YOU are the one that creates your world; your life; your way.

May you let you be your own free-to-be-you self.  Ease up on yourself and let your beautiful nature (and love) lead you.

 YOU are awesome!  You are love(d).