"Grow Yourself Complete"

7 Day Til Christmas

With one week until it will be Christmas Day, there may be a whole lot of different emotions, feelings, thoughts and things surrounding us and within us.

We may know peace, organization, joy and excited anticipation.

We may know chaos, uncertainty, rush and stress.

We may know contentment.  We may know emptiness.

We may know all of it, none of it or some of it.

Whatever it is you are feeling, may you know that Christmas Day always comes and goes.

This coming Christmas Day we have never experienced before.  We have never been exactly like we are just now in this moment.  We may have many similarities, but we have no exact situation(s).

We can come from where we are today; how we are today; what we are today; with the people that are in our lives and the situation(s) we have surrounding us presently.  It is okay and, perhaps, even good to be present in your truth; whatever that may be.

When we bring our pure loving truth into each situation, we are opening up our hearts, spirits, minds and souls.  We are opening up to fulfillment and creating the best possible road for us to travel forward on.  The truest road may not be the easiest.  When we face and live our truth, we create and feel what we are supposed to create and feel.  It is okay.  It is our truth.  It is who and what we are today.

When we come from our loving truth as much as possible, we enter into our true loving moments as deeply and richly as possible.

May you open yourself up to what you feel; how you feel; what you want to do; what you don’t want to do and be true to yourself to empower the true you and empower everyone you touch in this manner.

Christmas can be the same experience.  Christmas can be a whole new experience.  Christmas can be between the two.

May you let Christmas be what it is by the truth of what you feel in your heart, know in your mind and touched by your soul.

It is Merry Christmas time.   May you allow yourself to be true you and, perhaps, this is the best present you can give yourself and others.  May you be present in each moment and think of it as a present to yourself and your loved ones.  Be fulfilled by allowing yourself to feel and share the true you.

You are beautiful just as you are.

We can do this at Christmas time. We can do this anytime.