"Grow Yourself Complete"

6 Days Til Christmas

We see some thing that reminds us of a special someone.   We buy it.  We purchase it.  We make it.  We offer it.

We see things that make us happy.  Sometimes we buy it; sometimes we do not.

As we gather what feels right to gather and what feels like it is coming from the Christmas Spirit, we feel and share love.  We feel and share light.

If we get bothered or flustered it most likely is not coming from love and joy.  Take a step back.  Regroup. Ask yourself what brings out the joy and the love from within you.  Do this and let the joy and love happen as much as possible.

Freedom to explore, allow, present and know the true Christmas spirit within you is a very cool thing.

To do things because we tell ourselves we have to sometimes is the answer and sometimes it is not.

Only you know for sure.   May you follow the best answer within you as often as possible.

What joy we get from giving.  What joy we get from receiving.   What peace and joy we get from being true to a situation and offering what we are easily capable of giving.

Christmas is for love.  Christmas is for Jesus’ birth celebration.  Christmas is for opening the heart wider.  It is for seeing others through the lens of love.

With six more days to go, I wish you peace, love and joy.   I wish you freedom to allow yourself to open your heart and let it be filled from the inside out with truth, love and inner knowing.

Let your ‘Christmas’ heart be open.

Give.   Receive.   Feel.  Flatter.  Create.   Love.   Breathe.

Within the Christmas spirit, let the bells of what you believe in ring.

I wish you ease, allowance, easy giving, openness to receive and gathering of everything that you believe is good, healing, love and joyful.

Love.   Love yourself.   Love one another.     Support.  Support yourself.  Support one another.

Let’s start and/or continue on here this Christmas and let it extend out from our heartlight into 2017.

May you be the beauty that you want to experience.

The giving of one’s true self and the opening to receive same…