"Grow Yourself Complete"

5 2 Do’s

Love yourself through

Be true to yourself and to others (bring your true self into every situation you encounter)

Be gentle strength

Connect to your inner wisdom which is the truth of what you feel, believe, think and allow from your most loving of self; your highest of self; from everything that being ‘you’ encompasses – embrace this

Know fulfillment by doing the above

It is this simple and this complex.  We are taught, perhaps, at an early age [we may even teach this to our self] that if we respond or share certain things or feelings, hurtful things and/or anger can be thrown back at us. It taught us, perhaps, to hold back, not be vulnerable, hide that which is within.

It is up to us, as adults, to decipher when we are still feeling these feelings and to understand that the anger or hurt that we felt after sharing something true about ourselves was not ours to own.  It was outside of our self.  I know I have internalized a lot of that which was not mine to own.

Deciphering what is mine to own and what is not has been one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself.  It has been freeing, allowing, life-changing and I truly believe the chemistry of my body has changed since doing this more and more.

Our life is ours to live.  If we do not, it messes up the dynamic(s) of everything and everyone around us.  Honor our Creator by not messing up the dynamic of what is beautifully possible through Just Being You.

As I allow my own gentle strength to stand in and share my truth, the dynamic of my life and all those I encounter feels empowered.

Great challenge came with this for me.  Empowerment has always come too.

Walk through this challenge of becoming the most real and all-encompassing you and allow the empowerment of our world to begin with you.

Yes, you are this powerful.  Whoop  Whoop.  !