"Grow Yourself Complete"

4 Days Til Christmas

December 21, 2016.  Winter solstice for us.  Summer solstice for others.  Solstice none-the-less.

2016 – with the numbers added together equals 9.  9 can represent completion.  With this year moving on behind us we can choose to let many other things behind us as well too.  We can see some things as completed.  We can choose to feel some things as of no longer important.

If it doesn’t ‘float your boat’, then let it go and leave it behind.  Think of it as completed and done.

With 2017 arriving and these numbers equaling the low number of 1 and 1 can be known as beginning and new starts, we can look at things with a new light, a new way, a new start, a new beginning.

Let go of the old.  Move on with the new.   Really.  How exciting and what an opportune time to do just this.

All you have to do is choose it.

Today here in the northern hemisphere, we are having the longest night of darkness; the shortest day.  With what is on the opposite side of us, they are knowing the longest daytime of the year, the shortest time of darkness.

Solstice is 2 times a year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the equator.  Synonyms for the word solstice are highness, extent, peak, prominence, tip.  Southernmost point.   Northernmost point.  South is in December.  North point is in June.

It can be a time to reevaluate your life and get closer to what makes you happiest.  It can be a time to go further from what hurts you or is not working well for you.

With 4 more days until Christmas day, you may be finishing up wrapping, purchasing things, baking cookies, finalizing plans.

May you include your truth, your needs, your joy, your hopes and you inner knowing to what brings you closer to the truest part of being, feeling and breathing you.

Only you can create from within out what you wish to participate in and/or create for your Christmas season.

Talk to your loved ones, share you desires, hear other’s desires and find a middle ground of celebration and togetherness.

If you are asking yourself why you – why are you the one that has to create peace, do this work, create togetherness or whatever it is you are spending your time on, may I offer that this is what you are focused on, what you need, what you want and what makes you most comfortable.

…To live your best and most joyous self this holiday season.   You are worth it and so are your loved ones.

Know when things can work and know when things cannot.   Know when to give it your all and when to stop ‘beating your head against a wall’ when no result or compromise is possible.

Staying true to yourself, lovingly, is empowering the situation to change, grow and become.

With four days left, start feeling what direction you are going to allow yourself to ‘travel’.

May you be as kind and loving as possible from your heart.  May you be as open and knowledgeable as possible from your mind.  Putting both together is the gift that, perhaps, you can give yourself and others this holiday season.

May you gently hold on to what works for you and gently share what does not.  May you be open to creating harmony because this is what makes you happiest.  We have to take a chance at it.  It is the longest and shortest (ha) means of living the best of ourselves; individually, together.  Our Truth. 

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