"Grow Yourself Complete"


Sometimes when life feels too intense, we bring up our defense.  We automatically can close ourselves up or off and, in some cases, shrink.

Times are extremely intense lately; moreso than not.  High pressures, confusion, challenges and change is abundant as we are all way more out in the open and unable to hide.  Many of us feel the need to share the truth of who we are and reach out to people that will support same.

We want to be heard.   We want to know we matter.  We want to feel like we are enough and that who we are makes a difference to others.  We want to feel loved and give love.  We want to feel fulfilled.

Everything that is inside of us many of us want to allow out.

We are being brought to our knees; to surrender; to connect and to create a world that is more sensible to live in.

May you breathe through this intensity.  May you stay open and truthful.  May you live in your fullness of everything that you are and feel.  May you come from a place of love.  May you trust yourself to be okay with whatever situation comes your way; whatever person enters your world.

May you, from this day forward, live the YOU that you were born to live in the fullest capacity possible.  Now is the time, the opening, the only way to grow to create a more enjoyable, heartfelt world for all living creatures.

We may have strayed from much.  This is our learning.

My dream is for us all to live as one united colony in peace, truth, trust, openness and support of one another.  I wish to be heard and I wish for you to be heard from a place of deepest, kindest inner knowing that the energy of it is so engaging it rises us all up.

The negative intensity scares me.  The positive energy propels me to openness.

May you be the energy you want to live in.