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Monthly archives for April, 2017



There is a resistance inside of us; at times.  Resistance to accept what is…  All that is. There is a tension [at times] inside of us that is uncomfortable and maybe even awkward. It feels like it is time to be with it, feel it, allow it, and even while not understanding it – open to it. […]



It is the quality of life that we allow or disallow that affects us, our beliefs and our way of life. What has great quality to one does not always have great quality for another.  What is important to you is not always important to another.  What is important to another is not always what […]



There is a time for everything.  A time to rest.  A time to work.  A time to play.  A time to regroup. May you allow this time to know what is being asked of you and let it be so. ‘It is what it is and it ain’t what it ain’t’…  unknown May you trust that […]

Be in L...

Be in Love

It is sometimes easier to notice what we don’t like in life; what doesn’t feel right in life; what part of our body hurts or wants attention through pain.   It is sometimes easier to know this than what feels glorious in/to us. May I offer to, perhaps, choose to see what you love.  What is beautiful […]