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Monthly archives for March, 2017



I am feeling the strain of the world.  I am feeling the strain of change.  I am feeling the beauty of change.  I am feeling the uncertainty of change.  I am feeling the power of change. I sit in an uncomfortable state.  Auto-pilot is no longer abled.  There are new things that we run into every […]



We are being asked to live authentically.  We are being shown that there is no place to hide; no place for untruths. Truth today leads to our truest path tomorrow. Many of us do not know how to easily live without our public persona on; our masks that we have learned to show our world […]



What we concentrate on –  we create, we grow, we live with, we live as, and we feel throughout our body. When I think of happy thoughts, joyful thoughts, I am less stressed and more content.  My body feels stronger. When I think scary thoughts, unlikable thoughts, I feel more anxiety and truly weaker. When […]

Being Hu...

Being Human

This being human and accepting all the human traits and trials is not an easy path always.  It can be trying, uncomfortable, frustrating and, sometimes, it can feel horrible. I know this is only part of life.  I know there are many things to be grateful for.  I know that things could always be worse. So, we breathe; we trust the process; we […]

Truth Wit...

Truth Within

As we live more and more from our truth, our ‘knowing’ place within, out, we live most adventurous, fulfilling, and peaceful lives. As you live and share the truth of you, you can become more and more fulfilled in just being YOU. Everything you need to be YOU you already have.  How cool and awesome is […]

N S ...


There are so many directions we can take in this thing called our life.  North, South, East and West are very common and familiar directions.  We’ve been taking them our whole lives. Yet, now, I feel there are many, many more directions that are surfacing, showing themselves, being found and walked down by us. A […]