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Monthly archives for December, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a Merry Christmas..   for you and your loved ones. May you connect to the ‘merriment’ inside of you and let this be Christmas. Share your merriment as best you can with yourself and with others. May you make it as loving as possible and be grateful for the merriment you have known and the merriment […]

2 Days Til Christ...

2 Days Til Christmas

Relax.  May you relax. Give yourself a break.   Give yourself a lot of breaks. You are where you are and you are okay.  Be easy on yourself.  Make your lists.  Cross things off. This is a good place to decide if you say to yourself  ‘hurry up and get it done’ or ‘relax, you’ll get […]

4 Days Til Christ...

4 Days Til Christmas

December 21, 2016.  Winter solstice for us.  Summer solstice for others.  Solstice none-the-less. 2016 – with the numbers added together equals 9.  9 can represent completion.  With this year moving on behind us we can choose to let many other things behind us as well too.  We can see some things as completed.  We can choose […]

5 Days Til Christ...

5 Days Til Christmas

With Christmas ‘sneaking’ up on us, it is [maybe] best if we are open to allow what is to be what it is. Do not be angry that it isn’t different than it is.  Do not wish for things we do not have; things we do not know.  Do not think that it is within […]

To Own

To Own

Owning.   It is a peculiar word to me just now. I want to ‘talk’ about owning who we are; owning what we are; owning what we do; owning what we say. Owning what we feel.   Allowing ourselves to feel what comes up for us to feel. Many of us want to squelch what we feel […]

6 Days Til Christ...

6 Days Til Christmas

We see some thing that reminds us of a special someone.   We buy it.  We purchase it.  We make it.  We offer it. We see things that make us happy.  Sometimes we buy it; sometimes we do not. As we gather what feels right to gather and what feels like it is coming from the […]

7 Day Til Christm...

7 Day Til Christmas

With one week until it will be Christmas Day, there may be a whole lot of different emotions, feelings, thoughts and things surrounding us and within us. We may know peace, organization, joy and excited anticipation. We may know chaos, uncertainty, rush and stress. We may know contentment.  We may know emptiness. We may know […]

8 Days Til Christ...

8 Days Til Christmas

With only eight days until Christmas Day, I see and hear the word ‘eight’ and I find myself wanting to talk about food and eating. I think being aware of what we eat; tasting what we eat; feeling how we feel while we eat it and then after we eat can be very informative, helpful […]



It doesn’t have to be a happy day to have happy in it.  Moments of happiness are fun and enjoyable.  There are always chances, people, situations and feelings that we can find happiness in. Happiness is a choice.   We choose it.   We feel it.  We let it in. May you let happiness be your choice […]

So this is Christ...

So this is Christmas

The season for Christmas seems to expand further out each year.   The ads, the decorations, the music are seen and heard before Thanksgiving often. The gift giving for me has changed.  I give less out of obligation.  I have, for the first time, a less excited feeling about the whole social idea of Christmas. The haves, have […]