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Emotions and Thou...

Emotions and Thoughts

How many different emotions do you feel each day…  Do you feel the same ones each day…  Do you feel some more than others…  Do you wish you would feel one or more differently than your ‘normal’ feelings now… How many thoughts do you think each day…  Do you know that out of the thoughts we […]

Quotes of Unknown...

Quotes of Unknown Origin and Other

“Sometimes when life feels like it is falling apart, it is actually falling into place.” “What we say to our children today will be their own inner voice tomorrow.”  Speak lovingly. “This is life.  This is living.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.”  Mya Breman “This, as it is today, is life.  This is you living your life.  […]

T I R E D. Need.

T I R E D.  Need.

There is a lovely rain coming down from the grey sky.  The leaves are jumping when the rain drops hit them.  The sound is making me sleepy.  The darkness makes my body feel heavier. I am feeling uncomfortable, tired, and just yucky and not wanting to feel this way is like a war; a war inside of myself.  […]

Da Storm

Da Storm

What to do.. We can go into the storm; turn away from the storm; pretend the storm isn’t happening. We can create our own storm to outdo the current storm; we can ignore it; we can ride it out; we can bring our true loving and open self into it. We can even choose to […]

You, the Tree and...

You, the Tree and Me

There are many branches to all of us. May we, from within, acknowledge, own and grow with love and nurture each and every shoot of who we are. When you are ready, go out on a limb and share your most unique branches with the world. These just may be one of your best reasons […]

What I Wish for Y...

What I Wish for You

May you walk yourself away from your pain and/or things that hurt you and into a new, evolved you.  May you “Grow Yourself  Complete” and be the best you that you have ever had the pleasure to be; to experience; to know.  And, may you, perhaps, allow this so important journey to be fun.   […]

Let There Be Peac...

Let There Be Peace

It is the end of one season and the beginning of another and it is also a full moon.  What powerful energy to connect to, feel and stream forward with.  Whatever you are feeling, may you allow it; tap into it and grow with it.  Feel your way through from a loving and tender place. It may […]

Walk Through

Walk Through

Just because life has shown us, thus far, a certain way; a certain way of being, does not mean that it will continue on as so.  The saying “there is a first time for everything” can definitely be said here. Because your life experiences have been in a such a way that we hold on […]



As I step into my home office and sit at the computer, I take a bite of a chocolate covered dried cherry.  Mmm good. The sweetness, the flavor, the creamy melting chocolate in my mouth is something to be savored.  The tartness of the cherry permeates through the flavor of the chocolate.  The blend is very pleasing  to me. […]

In Each of Us

In Each of Us

Is it time for you to begin; continue; complete ‘growing yourself complete’?  If it feels too ‘hard’, read on. To be who we are, live who we are and enjoy who we are is in each and every one of us.  All that is needed is a willingness, an openness and courage to look our self in […]