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Monthly archives for February, 2016

Achy Bre...

Achy Breaky

As I type the name of this post, I remember the ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ song and dance by Billy Ray Cyrus.  What fun that was!  It was all the hype.  I used to have it in my aerobic classes.  ! And, as it is what came to my mind when I sat here at the […]

Days or Da...

Days or Dazed

The days seem to be going by very fast.  I wake up and before I know it, I’m going to sleep.  There are many hours in between and, yet, they seem to go by very fast. I don’t know all of what I’m occupying myself with.  The hours have been zooming by. I believe I […]

Let Love L...

Let Love Lead

As we walk through these (what sometimes can be) challenging and unknown times, let love lead.  Let your love take you forward, through and on. Love is what we can carry with us always.  We come into this world loving and vulnerable.  We are challenged through love; propelled by love; carried by love and changed […]

Just Beca...

Just Because

Be happy just because you can choose this for yourself. Just be kind because it feels better within yourself to do so. Just be true because, in actuality, you are living the truth of you.  It may come out, up and off as something different but eventually, the truth always has to be lived on […]