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The Possibility of ...

The Possibility of You

Our lives are full just now.  Full of things to do; places to be; people to see.   We have easy access to just about everything; way more then we ever did before. New information is bombarding us constantly. May you do all that you know how to do just now; and may you let it […]



I sit at my computer to pass time.  I begin to type not knowing where I am going to go here.  I have no thoughts, words, ideas, concepts or sentences in my mind. I sit here.  It is dark outside the window.  I see the fountain, highlighted by the spotlight, flowing up happily dancing over […]



I am learning that balance always finds its way into our lives.  While balance on a day to day basis cannot always be achieved, I do think it finds its way into our lives – especially the big picture of our lives. Balance.  In the overall picture of our lives, balance happens naturally.  We know […]

Set F...

Set Free

…”‘I need to be listened to…and heard’……. Again, the waiting, and the encouraging smile.  Suddenly, she knew she could say it all.  All of it.  All the needing and the wanting, the longings she had kept in for so long:  ‘I need to say what I’m feeling ….I need to be allowed to feel what […]



I have been experiencing silence within these past several days.  No words show up for me.  No words flow through me.  I am experiencing ‘just being’ with what is.  Not labeling or judging (as much as possible), just being with and feeling what is.  While I can easily bemoan myself and challenge myself to find […]

Happy 20...

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year 2016!   Hard to believe as it seems like yesterday that 1999 seemed so far away!  Life is really a mystery in many ways. I’d like to offer to bring your best self into 2016.  Bring the self that you are from within.  The self that you want to be.  The self that […]