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Monthly archives for February, 2015

Ultimate G...

Ultimate Goal

From the Facebook page of Joshua Tepania “ULTIMATE GOAL” “I had lost count how many times a day would my heart break. I had become accustomed to the feeling of heart ache. I did what I did to survive. I stepped up and took my chances. My life has been a whirlwind of ever changing […]

The Miracle of ...

The Miracle of You

I want to remind you that You are a miracle…. May you let your miraculous self happen.  May you get out of the way (if need be) and be the miracle that you are!

Love and Pe...

Love and Peace

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Let your love flow through you.  Let the door to your heart swing both ways.  Allow love; only love.   You are worth it. May you allow your life to flow with love and peace.



Self-love is trusting yourself to give all that you are. Be your truth.  Speak your truth.  Share your truth. If you feel one way, share it.  It you think one way, speak it.  If you stand strong in something, be it. If you are misunderstood, explain it.   It you are not being heard, say it.  […]



Struggling is not fun.   I’m sure it is not fun for anyone.  There are some of us that are more used to struggling and almost feel like there is no other way of living through life than with struggle.  And, there are some of us that want to hide, numb, and/or run from struggle.  Some […]



“In my own little corner; in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be….”  ‘Cinderella’ had it right way back when….. And, it is my hope that we are expanding our own little corner; our own little chair to encompass all that is.  We are choosing to live more and more from […]