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Monthly archives for November, 2014

Wondrous L...

Wondrous Lime

I really have no corresponding words for the above picture.  I just enjoyed this lime so much, I wanted to share it with you. This is a picture of a lime I picked from my new back yard.  It was the most juiciest, richest smelling lime I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy!  Truly! I […]

Doctor Doc...

Doctor Doctor

I went to a new Rheumatologist (arthritis(scleroderma)) doctor today with the goal of finding and connecting to a (a new ‘my’) doctor here in Florida.  It was interesting as this was a new connection for me.  I was comfortable as I could be with my Pennsylvania doctor after knowing and working with him for over 30 years (on a regular basis).  We […]



I am in deep muck.  How do I find myself here when I’m ‘supposed to’/’want to’ help others to get out of their own muck. I guess, I have to admit that I, too, am human.   I, too, know challenges and I also know what it is like to encounter ‘the unknown’. I tell myself when […]


Walk On

May you breathe, share, live all of you.  May you walk on as you.  May you, lovingly, share your truth to propel you into all that you are and all that you can be. As you bring your truest of self into every relationship, situation, circumstance and nuance, you know that your truth is what […]

Our/My/Your Wo...

Our/My/Your World

How are you doing in this world that we all have come into; that we all have participated in; that we all have helped to create; that we all live in… ‘How you doin…’ Perhaps, you know.  Perhaps, you do not.  Perhaps, you are teetering between knowing and not knowing. Wherever you find yourself today, […]



“Fear is a natural reaction we have when moving closer to the truth.”  Pema Chodron While I am noticing fear less and less in my life just now, I am noticing challenges, change and action into what propels me forward. I do believe as we get closer to living and sharing our true self, fear […]