"Grow Yourself Complete"

Monthly archives for August, 2014



I wish you comfort and ease.  I support you to go within and connect to what you want/need.   I offer your own permission to make this happen and allow it. I wish you a heart full of joy from your ability to love a person deeply. May you come from this joyful heart to create something you know […]

Here Ag...

Here Again

I am realizing that two sores are starting on my fingers because I have been neglecting myself in lieu of housework; homework; and organization. I knew I was neglecting me.  I knew I was pushing too hard and my goal was a ‘complete’ home.  It’s not there yet and I have gone backwards in my health. […]



My beautiful niece told me to ‘shine bright like a diamond like I always do’.  If everyone could be lucky enough to have such a beautiful niece.  ! I sent her the below picture and above is what her beautiful heart and mind shares back to me.  I am feeling very blessed and loved. What wind beneath […]



Some are feeling a loneliness just now; an extra intensity in our emotions/feelings.  I’m feeling lonely as I’m in the house alone unraveling all that I own and applying it to my current and future life not really having a laid out plan. There is a ‘shift’ occurring in many of us now.  I feel an […]



After a week of deliveries of many broken and lost items.   After two weeks of organizing, setting up and decorating my new home, there is still much to do.   I’ve had moments of high five-ing and moments of not wanting to get the day started.  There are still many boxes in the house and in […]

Hello My Fri...

Hello My Friend

I have been spending a lot of time in an empty house for days now.   I am tired, uncared for by myself and creating anew; literally and figuratively. Transitioning from ‘what is’ to ‘what is becoming’ is quite the ride.  Being with my soulmate, is a whole different story. Today, my husband and I have been ‘dating’ for […]