"Grow Yourself Complete"

2 Days Til Christmas

Relax.  May you relax.

Give yourself a break.   Give yourself a lot of breaks.

You are where you are and you are okay.  Be easy on yourself.  Make your lists.  Cross things off.

This is a good place to decide if you say to yourself  ‘hurry up and get it done’ or ‘relax, you’ll get it done’.   Each one feels different.  Which one supports you the best…

Christmas to me is to have love in my heart and share it.   To have kindness from my soul and share it.  To have joy in my thoughts and share them.

With how you feel right now in this moment, what does Christmas mean to you…

Is it aligned with what you what Christmas to mean to you…

Merry Christmas time.

May you let it be the ‘time’ to be how you want to be…  as best you can.   Baby steps allowed.  No judgment just trying and allowing.

Breath and kindness towards one’s self goes a long way for me.  If you’d like, may you let it go a long way for you.

Breathe and be kind…   to yourself and to others.

It is who I want to be…

May you be who you want to be…   The power is within you.   May you give yourself permission to live this day as you would like to see yourself live this day through.   It will never come again.  May you create good and happy memories; as best as you are able.

I wish you YOU.